Specialty Training

Communications: MACO Operatives who specialize in radio usage, language, cryptography and communication tools.

Embassy Duty: MACO Operatives may serve as an armed escort for a diplomat, high ranking officer, VIP or even a prisoner.  An operative may also act as a courier, hostage negotiation and survival.

Engineer: MACO Operatives who are specialists in engineering principles as well as technology like lasers, plasma, robotics, and starship design.

Flight Operations: MACO Operatives who specialize in different forms of flight, maneuvers, aerodynamics, and Astrocartography.

Intelligence Analysis (Epsilon Operatives are not eligible): MACO Operatives who specialize in the use of propaganda, cryptography, covert weapons and methods of surveillance.

Medic:  MACO Operatives who are trained in emergency medicine, first aid and triage to help the injured until they can be brought to a doctor.

Sniper: MACO Operatives who specialize in marksmanship, field skills, movement, and concealment.

Weapons: MACO Operatives who have an intricate knowledge of ammunition and a variety of weapons, lethal and non-lethal.  These operatives also have an understanding of weapons used by Federation Allies and Enemies.