New recruits within MACO must complete Grade 1 before continuing to Grade 2 and so forth until completing Grade 10. After certification of Grade 10, the Operative will have the option to continue their education in the various Paths and Specialty of their choice.

The Military Assault Command Operations Training Program, a program for advancement for STARFLEET MACO Operatives, is EXCLUSIVE to STARFLEET Military Assault Command Operations and is totally independent of any other promotion or advancement structure in place within STARFLEET International or any of its lesser bodies.

STARFLEET Military Assault Command Operations is a Fleet-level asset for the support of STARFLEET International. There are no reserve Operatives; the person who chooses STARFLEET Military Assault Command Operations must be prepared and committed to the intense training and strict requirements of that status. The requirements for a Grade 1 are the basics for any training.

Basic Training

Grades are how we differentiate our newer and less trained Operatives from our more senior and highly trained Operatives.

Grade 1 Recruit

Grade 2 Trainee 

Grade 3 Junior Operative

Grade 4 Senior Operative

Grade 5 Master Operative

Grade 6 Team Leader 

Grades 7 Senior Team Leader

Grade 8 Chief Operative

Grade 9 Executive Operative

Grade 10 Senior Executive

Basic Training Applications – August 2020

When submitting Training applications, include all course certificates pertinent to the Training application you are submitting.